10 Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea That You Should Know

10 Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea That You Should Know

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Can you imagine, that one single drink has all the magic tricks for your skin, hair, fever, stress, and all over the health of your body? It sounds too magical, no? We are talking about the one and only Tulsi green tea manufactured by Mountveda. We are extremely happy to announce our approved and tested Tulsi Green Tea. It has lots of amazing benefits you have never found in just a single drink.

Tulsi has numerous medicinal properties and it has been used for so many years in Indian Customs. It is described as a Holy plant in Ayurveda cause of its medicinal properties.

In Sanskrit, Tulsi means incomparable, and cause of it, our ancestors called it holy tulsi. This plant is not used in cooking but its leaves are used for cold, cough, and curing fever. It is consumed with ginger like tulsi ginger tea for health benefits.
The tulsi leaves and seeds are used in all forms dried and powdered as it has curative and medicinal properties. Numerous dieticians nowadays prescribe tulsi green tea for a healthy weight loss journey as part of a regular dieting regimen. To know more about the health benefits of Tulsi green tea, this article is just for you, lets have a look:

  1. Reduces chronic cancer disease: Mountveda Tulsi green tea has antioxidant properties that help in fighting free radicals and DNA damage. Tulsi leaves have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory qualities that help in decreasing the risks of cancer cells developing in the body, especially cervical cancer risks. The tulsi green tea helps the body to produce its antioxidants and makes it against developing the cancer cells in the body itself.
    Good for skin and hair health: It is proven that tulsi green tea is good for skin and hair health. It has detoxification properties that help in the nourishment of hair and skin. It purifies the blood which is directly connected to your skin and hair.
  2. Regular consumption of Mountveda’s tulsi green tea is effective in skin problems like eczema, ringworms, and itching. Tulsi green tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help to relieve various skin problems including acne. It fights against free radicals that delay the aging process of the skin. Regular intake of Mountveda tulsi green tea helps to treat the scalp health and reduces itching and hair fall.
  3. Helps Reducing Stress: Tulsi green tea helps in controlling the stress hormone cortisol. Excess secretion of this hormone can make you feel tired and stressed. Tulsi green tea can control the level of cortisol hormone and will relieve stress instantly. The regular consumption of Mountveda tulsi green tea helps regulate the happy hormones and normalize body functions.
  4. Good for oral and Dental health: The antimicrobial properties of Mountveda tulsi green tea help improve oral health and dental health including bad breath, gums, and teeth. It has curative properties to treat mouth ulcers, inflammation of gums, etc.
  5. Good in Diabetes: The tulsi green tea of Mountveda helps regulate the cortisol hormone thus it has hypoglycemic properties to control the blood sugar levels.
  6. Reduces Fever and cold: Mountveda tulsi green tea has medicinal properties to treat fever and cold. When this tea is boiled with cinnamon and honey, it helps to cure the fever and cold effectively.
  7. Good for a cough and sore throat: Mountveda tulsi green tea helps to reduce the cough and sore throat. It has some amazing and magical properties for relieving sore throat and cough. Just drinking a cup of Mountveda tulsi green tea with ginger and honey will effectively cure the cough and sore throat.
  8. Curative properties for Respiratory diseases: In chronic asthma, covid, and other respiratory diseases, Mountveda’s Tulsi green tea helps to cure the diseases effectively. Regular consumption of Tulsi green tea with ginger and cinnamon will surely cure asthma and other respiratory diseases. Essential oils like eugenol, camphene, and cineole are present in the holy tulsi leaves and it helps to cure chronic respiratory diseases.
  9. Promotes Weight Loss: Mountveda’s Tulsi green tea helps in healthy weight loss. It boosts your metabolism and helps to reduce weight healthily. This tea accelerates the fat-burning process and is effective in weight loss.
  10. Improves digestion: Mountveda Tulsi green tea helps in the digestion process as it has digestive properties too. It regulates stomach functions and cures acidity, gas, and indigestion problems.

Final Thoughts: Mountveda’s tulsi green tea has numerous medicinal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and other curative properties that make it the perfect drink for lots of health issues. It is healthy, tasty, and easy to consume.

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