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Why Should You Opt For A2 Cow Ghee in India?

A2 cow ghee in India

A2 Cow Ghee in India

Ghee is one of the most revered foods in Ayurveda and is incredibly therapeutic. Ghee is a cooking essential we can never have enough of, used in everything from daal, khichdi, to halwas and chapatis. However, many individuals choose not to consume ghee out of concern that it may cause them to gain weight. The reality is that CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which promotes weight reduction and has excellent nutritional value, is present in ghee created from the organic butter of pasture-raised cows. One of the major sources of linoleic acid is A2 Ghee, which also offers a number of health advantages. Are you curious as to what A2 ghee means? What distinguishes A2 ghee from standard Desi ghee? Learn more about the best A2 ghee in India by reading this blog.

How A2 Ghee is Made?

Pure-bred Gir cows’ milk of the finest quality is used to make A2 ghee. In order to increase milk output at the expense of quality, other foreign-bred cows are genetically modified in labs by crossing several kinds. A2 cow ghee in India is manufactured utilizing the ancient “Hand-Churned Bilona Process,” which maintains the heat exchangers at a minimum and protects the greatest amount of nutrients, in contrast to other ghees that are prepared systematically with an emphasis on quantity. The milk is first allowed to curdle spontaneously on its own. Then, until the nutritional fat comes to the top, the curd and water are carefully hand-churned. After that, this is patiently cooked slowly to perfection. Chemicals and machines are not at all used.

Why Choose A2 Bilona Desi Ghee?

The most expensive ghee on the market is A2 Desi ghee, also known as natural ghee. A2 Desi ghee has a number of health advantages that make it worth the price. Even physicians advise their patients to utilize the best A2 ghee in India rather than butter or any other type of store-bought ghee. The A2 ghee has multiple benefits:

  • Improves Eyesight
  • Maintains Blood Sugar Levels & Helps in Diabetes
  • Faster Healing
  • Easy Digestion
  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Getting Rid of Skin Problems

Who Should Consume?

  • Kids of all Ages: Ghee made from A2 cows helps the immune system. Ayurveda claims that it also enhances bone density, memory, and other essential bodily functions. It is therefore the best option for children to provide them with the necessary nutrition during their early growing years.
  • People with Low Immunity: A2 Cow ghee is abundant in a number of immune-boosting fat-soluble vitamins, including A, D, K, and E. As it is manufactured from high-nutrient pure A2 Cow milk, Mountveda’s best bilona ghee in India also aids in improving our vitality and immunity.
  • People Experiencing Digestive Problems: The fact that A2 Desi cow ghee enhances the small intestine’s capacity for absorption is one of its most outstanding advantages. Additionally, it lowers the gastrointestinal tract’s acidic pH. This aids in bloating and digestive issues being resolved. A healthy digestive system eliminates extra fat and toxins, which leads to weight reduction.
  • Treats Dry Skin: Cow ghee with an A2 rating is a rich source of antioxidants. As a result, it is fantastic for eye and skin care. It keeps the skin hydrated and the essential fats it contains aid to maintain the skin’s level of moisture. A pinch of ghee can also be applied overnight to cure chapped, dry lips.
  • Migraine/Headaches: There are many people who struggle with the severe and persistent discomfort of migraines. The best bilona ghee in India has been used as a migraine treatment for ages and has proven to be quite effective. A2 cow ghee applied to the nostrils before night can help with migraines and headaches.
  • Bone Issues: According to studies, A2, D, E, and K2 are abundant in A2 cow ghee. K2 aids in transporting calcium from the blood to the body tissue. The bones get healthier and stronger as a result. It acts as a lubricant to ease knee and joint discomfort.
  • Weak Eyesight: Our eyes are a pitta (hot) organ, according to Ayurveda, and they occasionally have problems. To unbalance the pitta organs, ghee works as a cooling agent. Additionally, ghee is a high source of omega fatty acids, which aid in the treatment of eye conditions.

  • Pregnancy: Ghee is a crucial nutritional component during pregnancy, according to Ayurveda. Internally and externally, ghee helps to lessen labour discomfort by lubricating the vagina. Ghee is also beneficial for a baby’s general growth and for a mother’s immunity. It supports the digestive system and aids in constipation relief.

Which Ghee is Better A1 or A2?

There are primarily two types of cow’s milk: A1 and A2. The amino acid in position 67 is the sole thing separating them. The A2 variety milk is well-tolerated by lactose-intolerant persons and is simple to digest. Better metabolism, a decrease in stomach-related issues, and compatibility with our beauty program are all benefits of ghee derived from A2 milk. As a result, people have gradually begun to choose A2 organic ghee in India over A1 cow ghee.

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