5 Smart Ways You Can Include Fresh Desi Cow Ghee In Your Diet

5 Smart Ways You Can Include Fresh Desi Cow Ghee In Your Diet

Fresh Desi Cow Ghee in Udaipur Rajasthan India ,

Ghee means clarified organic butter has gained fame cause of its magical benefits and properties. Mountveda fresh cow ghee is all you need to add to your food in place of refined and processed oils. It increases the taste of that particular dish.

Apart from taste, it comes along with magical benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Mountveda organic fresh A2 milk ghee has lots of amazing benefits for your skin, hair, and all-over health. Ghee helps you in better digestion and naturally offers detoxification.

Fresh desi cow ghee has lots of amazing health benefits and the visibility of the benefits depends totally on the way you consume it. Letâ checks out the smart ways to consume it for amazing health benefits:
Use it on Indian Flatbreads: You can consume Mountveda Organic fresh cow ghee on your flatbreads like chapati, paranthas, and naans. It increases the glycemic index of the flatbreads and balances the blood sugar levels.
Use it as a topping: You can use Mountveda fresh organic cow ghee as a topping for your food like rice, lentils, and bread too. It increases the taste and nutritional values of the food.
Use it for greasing: You can use the desi ghee in place of packaged butter for greasing the pans of idli, omelet, cakes, and other food products to set well in the dish and increase the taste as well.
Use it for baking: Desi ghee can be used in baking in place of refined oils and butter. You can simply add ghee in the batter same as oil or butter.
Use it in saute: If you are on diet, and want to sauté your veggies healthily, you can add 1-2 tbsp of Mountveda fresh organic ghee for more health benefits.

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