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Liver & Kidney

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The Mountveda Supplement for liver & kidney helps in detoxification and helps to reduce the toxins from the body. It is made by all-natural products and has effective benefits too. It helps to reduce the effects of jaundice, stone, and other major problems of these important organs.

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  • Helps treat all types of Hepatitis A, B, C & others
  • Jaundice & anemias
  • Regulates fat metabolism, fatty liver
  • Alcoholic & other types of cirrhosis
Ingredients Quantity
Alovera 110mg
Erand Ext. 40mg
Kutki Ext. 10mg
Pasanded 40mg
Shankpushpi Ext. 40mg
Lemon Seed Ext. 20mg
Makoi Ext. 40mg
Triphala Ext. 40mg


5 reviews for Liver & Kidney
  1. Khushi Jain

    In my younger years I would often drink or fall asleep with my head on my desk, which led to a lot of headaches. I started taking these capsules a few days ago and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my headaches – they are nearly gone now!

  2. Pari Nath

    It’s a great feeling to know that you can increase your chances of living a disease free life. I always have a bottle of Liver & Kidney in my medicine cabinet. It’s a natural blend of herbs that not only helps improve the function of my liver and kidneys but has also helped me with cholesterol levels and blood pressure. I always recommend this to my friends and family the minute they complain of having any type of liver or kidney issues.

  3. Suneeta Seni

    I have been using this product for almost 2 months now. It has helped my liver & my kidneys. I feel much better and my skin has cleared up.

  4. Vedika Patidar

    This is a natural herbal liver and kidney supplement. It is a capsule and is of good quality and very effective in treating liver and kidney issues.

  5. Geeta Kapoor

    My husband has been taking this for a couple of months, and I can see the improvement in his health. I’m glad that I found this item, because I can’t buy it here in my country and the other brands I tried before are not as effective. This is really the best I’ve tried.

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