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Organic Jaggery Powder


  • Jaggery, also known as gurh or Gur in Hindi, is a savory and sweet ingredient.
  • Since refined sugar lacks much of its nutritional substance during the manufacturing process, organic jaggery powder includes trace vitamins and minerals, making it a really healthier substitute sweetener.
  • Organic Jaggery Powder can be mixed with tea or coffee, morning cereal, sambhar, rasam, and dal. When making Indian sweets like kheer or payasam, replace refined white sugar with organic jaggery powder.

Reclaiming the love for Mother Nature – Mountveda

Organic Jaggery Powder or Desi Gud has been a must-have in the Indian household and during the colonial period our culture was forgotten and we started using refined sugar. Mountveda represents Nature’s promise to preserve Mother Nature by using natural products that are good for the environment and for you. From supporting small marginal farmers to a variety of packaging options that make our products easy to use and transport. We bring you sugarcane the way you like it and easily incorporate it into your everyday life to make it healthier.

Here Are a Few Ways You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Organic Jaggery Powder

  1. Sweeten your drinks – From morning tea to evening tea or your child’s morning milk and chapati, or even a strong drink of lemon and sugarcane after training. Add professional energy to your relaxation and drinks.
  2. Ladoos, Sweets, and fun – Want to unleash your creativity? Make your favorite candy and give your candy a unique flavor and health by replacing unhealthy refined sugar with our Organic Jagger Powder. From gudpaak to sheera and granola chikki, Solid Jaggery is your new partner.
  3. Breathe new life into your family – Replace breakfast chapatis and parathas with more energy. Fill your chapatis and parathas with organic jaggery powder, refresh your family in the morning and wake up your kids with energy.
  4. For a healthy pick-me up – Tired of working all day? Craving something sweet? Get your hands on refined sugary snacks and add Solid Jaggery to drinks to boost your energy and mood!

Let’s Go Back To The Roots!

Jaggery or ‘Gud’ as it is commonly called by us Indians, and has been part of our daily diet as a sweetener and as a medicine to treat health problems related to the gut and gastrointestinal tract.

Traditional Gud is now available in cube form, adding healthiness to travel packs and larger baking and dessert packs to sweeten your everyday life. Made from high-quality sugarcane extract irrigated from canals connected to the Ganges, this product provides the health benefits of fertile soil and fresh Ganga, making natural Jaggery powder the perfect health package.

How Organic Jaggery Powder is Made?

Relish Some Freshly Made Organic Jaggery Powder

Step 1: Sweet & Soft Variety of Sugarcane is Organically Grown in the Flood Plains of the Rivers

Step 2: The Sugarcane is then Harvested Carefully

Step 3: After this Sugarcane is Pressed in a Cyder to Draw out its Juice

Step 4: The Sugarcane Juice is then Boiled on Wood Fire in the Traditional Method until it Solidifies

Step 5: No Artificial Chemicals are Added to the Mixture to Mend the Texture, Hardness, or Colour

Step 6: Your Organic Jaggery Powder is then Packed with Utmost Love and Care.

Why Organic Jaggery Powder?

  • No Colours and Chemicals
  • Made from Organic Sugarcane
  • Organic Manure
  • Made With Traditional Method
  • No Pesticides

How Organic Jaggery Powder Benefits?

  • Regulates Body Temperature
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Improves digestion
  • Natural Sweetener Alternative
  • Rich in Multiple Minerals

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